FAX Cover Pages

FAX Cover Pages and secure FAX Cover Pages:

How many times have you walked over to your faxing machine and waited to send or receive a fax? Can you count the times you have had to dial a facsimile number and wait for it to not give you a busy signal? Sometimes you have to wait more than a minute for each page when you are receiving someone's faxes, and when the pages add up so can the time you spend. There is a fantastic alternative available to you which enables you to use your computer and the Internet for yet another time and moneysaving type of communication. With the right software, you can begin transmitting faxes digitally and securely, thanks to SSL protection. Covering every need you could think of, applications like the Fax It freeware webfaxing solution enable you to send pages and pages worth of documents electronically for free from your PC. Your organizational and file management needs are covered as well, thanks to the document management system that is also included. The only major difference between the netfaxes you send and the machine faxed paper pages someone else sends will be how fast and inexpensive yours was. With Fax It, you even have your choice of FAX cover pages to choose from, as the program comes with templates for you to use. Just think, no more paper messes covering your desktop, no more dust covered faxing machine taking up valuable office space, and no more hassle or long wait to associate with the fax processy any longer. What are you waiting for?